Temporary Crowns

Provisional onlays, crowns and bridges are usually made of plastic and are cemented to the teeth with temporary cement.  Adjacent units are often connected to each other.  Since they are both fragile and can come loose more easily than metal or porcelain, we advise caution when eating or cleaning.


Avoid chewing anything excessively hard, tough or sticky.  Chewing gum will stick to them.  If you use dental floss, let go of one end and pull the floss through.  Do not “pop” the floss out from between the teeth.  If you use a toothpick, be a little more gentle than usual, so as not to pry them loose.

If they should break or come loose, save them and call our office to come in for repair or recementing.  Don’t panic – it’s not an emergency, but it should be done within a couple of days.  You may push them back into place temporarily and call our office to have them cleaned and recemented within a few days.  If a tooth becomes sensitive it might be a sign that something has loosened and should be evaluated.

If you will be wearing provisional restorations for several months, unless otherwise instructed, you should have them recemented and checked periodically.