Nightguard Instructions

The nightguard appliance is designed to prevent grinding and wear of your teeth. This device is also used to relax your jaw muscles and decrease muscle activity, which may result in pain and tension headaches.  The appliance is to be worn every night while you sleep or anytime when you feel like you are grinding or clenching your teeth together.



Firmly place the appliance onto your teeth using both thumbs.  The nightguard should snap into place and feel tight on yor upper teeth.  


Place the nail of your index finger on the outside rim of the appliance and pull down.  Use your thumbs to stabilize and prevent the appliance from hitting your lower teeth.


Every morning, after removal, clean the appliance with a toothbrush and water. Once a week, you may place the appliance in a cup of water with a tablet of Efferdent. Do not use toothpaste as this will scratch the nightguard and leave a white residue.


After cleaning the appliance, wet a tissue or paper towel with Listerine or water, and wrap it around the appliance.  The wrapped appliance can be stored in a Zip-Loc bag or in the retainer box supplied to you.  Try to keep the appliance moist at all times or it may distort.

If it distorts, just place it under hot water for a few seconds and place back into your mouth.  If the appliance does not fit or fits excessively tight, please call our office for an adjustment.

Never leave your retainer out of its case where a pet can find it. Pets love to chew on the plastic