After tooth extraction

1.    Do not rinse today.  Avoid extremely hot foods or liquids.

2.    Some swelling may occur during the first two days.  For today, apply an ice pack to the outside of the face, ten minutes on, ten minutes off, as often as possible.  Do not use ice after the first twenty-four hours.

3.    Ordinarily, slight oozing may be noticed around the surgical site, do not be alarmed.  Do not try to stop the bleeding by rinsing.  Apply pressure with gauze or a wet tea bag.  If the bleeding does not stop, call the office.

4.    If you were given a prescription for pain medication an antibiotic, severe swelling, difficulty in breathing, or appearance of a rash indicate an allergic response to the medication.  Discontinue use at once and immediately seek medical attention.

5.    Please refrain from smoking during the post-operative period.  Avoid alcoholic beverages during this time, especially if you take medication.

6.    Until you return for post-operative care, eat softer than normal foods.  Do all chewing on the untreated side of your mouth.  Avoid foods that are hard, sharp, spicy, or very hot.

Please call the office if you have any questions.