After Crown/Inlay Cementation

A restoration (crown, laminate, inlay, onlay) has been cemented to your natural tooth with the use of an adhesive cement.  The adhesive, and/or the tooth cleansing process prior to cementation, may result in some temporary sensitivity.  The discomfort or sensitivity may be brought on by hot/cold foods and liquids, or chewing.  This is normal for the first two or three days and may take a  week or more to subside.  This discomfort or sensitivity should decrease over time.  If there are no signs of improvement, please inform our office so we can either make an adjustment or attempt to desensitize the tooth. 

Following the cementation procedure, the gingival tissues (gums) are usually irritated and may be sore for two or three days.  You may use Listerine or warm salt-water rinses (1 tsp of salt in a cup of warm water) several times a day.

Please use the extra soft or sensitive toothbrush provided to gently brush from the gum to the tooth in a sweeping motion.   Do not brush vigorously, sideways or against the gum.  This will only cause further irritation and recession of the gingival tissues.

 Please do not brush with any baking soda, peroxide, or abrasive toothpaste.  Do not floss for 24 hours.


 Schedule your regular maintenance visits with our hygienist and please remember that the restoration placed needs to be cleaned with dental instruments and does not need to be polished or air abraded,

as do natural teeth during dental cleanings.