Dental Laboratory

In today’s global economy, many commercial laboratories have begun to outsource their work overseas due to rising costs and a dwindling US labor force.  Large commercial laboratories in China, India and Mexico have become an attractive alternative to many US dentists trying to minimize costs.  The restorations made in these outsourced laboratories could pose serious health risks to patients as ADA and FDA regulations are not enforceable and the consumer cannot know the exact nature of the materials used.

A unique feature of our practice is the “in house” dental laboratory. Our expert technicians have undergone extensive training in the various fields of laboratory technology and use only materials that adhere to the strict FDA and ADA guidelines.  All of the materials that we use have undergone extensive testing for biocompatibility and allergic response.  Every restoration is skillfully crafted for the individual patient thus allowing Drs. Bowne and Holden to monitor each step of the fabrication process.  This level of precision minimizes remakes and unnecessary appointments that often occur when large, commercial laboratories are used.

Having our laboratory on site also enables patients to meet with our master ceramist regarding tooth size, shape and color.  This personal collaboration allows for more natural, life-like restorations and gives us the most esthetic result.  Repairs and modifications of existing prostheses and restorations may also be completed on the premises in a timely and efficient manner.